1920's Gangster / Al Capone

Costume rental includes: *Vintage double breasted pinstriped suit, shirt, hat, tie, suspenders, hanky, watch chain, shoes
*We have over 2 dozen vintage double-breasted pinstriped suits in stock in various colors, sizes 36 through 44
Pictured - Black & grey bold pinstripe
Small - Size 38

1920's Men's Suit

Costume rental includes: Vintage double breasted pinstriped suit, shirt, hat, tie, suspenders, hanky, watch chain, shoes
Medium - size 42

1920's Day Wear

Costume rental includes: Vintage brown double breasted pinstriped jacket & matching vest, shirt, pants, tie, hanky, straw boater hat or fedora, shoes
Large - size 44,
Pants - 36"w

1920's Men's Summer Suit

Costume rental includes: Vintage ivory linen suit, vest, shirt, tie, hanky, suspenders, straw boater or panama hat, shoes
Medium - Size 42,
Pants - 36"w
Xlarge - Size 46/48,
Pants - 42"w

1920's Men's Casual

Costume rental includes: Vintage mix & match separates - your choice of pants, vest, shirt, tie, suspenders, watch chain, hat, shoes
Available in sizes
Small & Medium
Shown: Size Small/Medium
Vest - Medium
Pants - 32"w $55

1920's Formal Wear

Rental includes: Black tailscoat, vest, pants, tuxedo shirt, bow tie, suspenders, hanky, top hat, opera scarf, cufflinks, shirt studs, shoes, spats
XSmall to XXLarge -
Sizes 34 through 58

Little Tramp / Charlie Chaplin

Costume rental includes: Vintage cutaway jacket, vest, baggy trousers, shirt, tie, suspenders, bowler hat, shoes, cane
XSmall to Large -
Sizes 34 through 44

1920's Tennis Player

Costume rental includes: Ivory cable knit sweater or sweater vest, ivory wool trousers, shirt, bow tie, cap, shoes
Medium & Large

1920's Golfer

Costume rental includes: Argyle sweater vest, plus fours (knickers), shirt, tam, bow tie, argyle socks, spectator shoes
Various Mix & Match combinations available in
Sizes Small to XLarge

1920's Football fan

Costume rental includes: Vintage raccoon fur coat, straw boater hat
Fits Medium/Large