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Rental Policies

To Reserve a Costume The entire rental fee must be paid. We accept Visa, Mastercard, check card, check and cash.

A Security Deposit Is Required in the form of a credit card number which is held on file until the costume is returned on time and in good order.

Costume Rentals Are For 2 Nights Pickups and Returns may be made anytime during business hours. Longer rental periods can be negotiated.

Cancellation Charges are 40% of the rental fee. We must, however, have 48 hours notice prior to 12 noon of the agreed upon pick-up date or no refund will be given.

No Refund On Any Costume Once It Leaves The Store

Costume Changes during the Month of October will be treated as a cancellation.

Late Fees are 20% of the rental charge per day. Please do not procrastinate-it adds up quickly.

Forgot to Return an Accessory We will charge you for the replacement value. If returned within 1 week, a full credit will be given. After 1 week late fees will apply.

Damaged Costumes Any costume or accessory damaged or soiled beyond repair or cleaning will have the full replacement value charged against the security deposit.

Costumes Not Returned after 2 weeks of the due back date will have the full replacement value charged against the security deposit. We will refund this charge less late fees if the costume is subsequently returned.

No perfume or cologne

No Alterations of any costume or accessory unless given authorization.

All policies are subject to change without notice. Please call with any questions to ensure a hassle-free rental experience.

Printable Rental Policy

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